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The intent of this web site is to help home owners make knowledgeable judgments in their home improvement projects. We will cover information on most home improvements and home remodeling subjects starting with the Room Addition. We will also have articles on bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling as well as siding, roofing, windows and more

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No one wants to get ripped off or have a job go bad

There are a lot of honest people in this world. Unfortunately they can hurt you just as much as a dishonest person. Over the years I’ve seen more then my share of honest people fail in this business for many reasons and hurting their customers in the process. The failures in the home improvement business must be huge! There is only a hand full of remodelers that you recognize their name form only 10 years ago. If you hire a contractor that fails while in the middle of your home remodeling project you will feel like your living a nightmare!

An honest remodeler starts a business with the intent of fulfilling the needs of homeowners and to make a living. The knowledge needed to do all the various work connected with home improvement is Immeasurable and I don’t know a sole that has that kind of wisdom. So you would think he’s better off sticking to what he knows best specializing in a certain area for instance bathroom remodeling. He knows how to remodel a bathroom great but now he need customers and proceeds to put out bids. He puts out low bid in an effort to secure work thinking that the low bid gets the job. If he completes the work using quality products at the very best he doesn’t make any money. Can’t stay in business very long that way! So most of the time he completes the job with a little lower quality product, he gets paid, you’re happy, he’s happy all is well. Nope. 3 months later you call and the vanity door come loose. No big deal, he comes out repairs it and is gone in no time. But after a year or so and with dozens of jobs out there, how many phone call and repairs can he do. He’s back to not making any money because he’s working on all the repairs and soon he’s not answering your phone calls anymore.

Most remodelers don’t have much business experience and start up business with very little if any capital. They get a deposit on a job, spend the money on the product they need for the job (if they don’t spend it on the truck repair or house payment first) complete your job, collect the money an presto their in business. Wow! Not much room for anything out of the ordinary.

Watch out for your self. First use good judgment when hiring out your home improvement project. Do they seem to be honest? Most of the time a dishonest person will give them selves away in just what they say. Try to hire someone that been around awhile. Check their references. Check the better business bureau and above all make sure they have a current license for the job they will be hired for. The amount you spend for the job should be the least of you concerns although we tend to make it our first priority.

Once you have selected and hired your home remodeler give him some space to perform his job. You don’t want to be over his shoulder all the time but don’t be shy about showing up on the job either. Any concerns you may have during the construction process take directly to the top person that’s managing the project. If you have subcontractors on your job, it’s ok to talk and relate the concerns you have to them, but make sure you related this also directly to the top.

If you’ve done your homework, hired someone that’s licensed and run into a problem with your home improvement contractor that between your self and the contractor cant not be resolved don’t run to an attorney. In Michigan we have a licensing board that will look in to the matter. Make sure you document the problem to the best of your ability. Write down date and times, take pictures and have your local city do an on site inspection. File a complaint against the remodeler. You can get the forms at: If in the end they find that the contractor has done something improper they can remedy that problem with suspension, fines and/or a monetary compensation. A major factor in this would be any violations that you city building department finds.

Note: The State of Michigan DOES NOT settle monetary issues

Do your best to get along with your builder, home improvement contractor or remodeler. If you’ve selected a good person that shouldn’t be too difficult

If you have any comments or questions you can reply to our e-mail: or use our easy form.

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Home Improvement Information and advice for home owners and anyone else that may be interested. As stated earlier we will be covering home remodeling subjects starting with the Room Addition and expanding articles on including bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling as well as siding, roofing, windows and more as time permits

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