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Kitchen Design is not a Mystery

Years ago, kitchens were considered messy areas for messy work and were hidden away from the rest of the house. Attitudes about kitchens have been changing steadily. Each decade, we find we are adding more functions and more style to kitchens.

As a result, kitchen remodeling ranks among the most popular remodeling projects each year. Kitchens have become the functional and social hub for modern families. With folks busier than ever, conversations among household members increasingly take place in fleeting interactions in the kitchen. Very few people have the time and resources for formal entertaining, but an inviting kitchen can make a great informal entertainment space.
Kitchen design needn't be that mysterious. There are basically three elements to it. Many people focus on just one or two and end up with a less than fully satisfying job. To do it right, you have to focus on all three.

The first element in good kitchen design is the one that is the most fun for homeowners and often the most overlooked. It is the process of exploring dreams and possibilities to discover the countless options you have when remodeling a kitchen. In this stage, you look at magazines, show rooms, builder's model homes and the homes of neighbors. Some people even go tour homes that are for sale in trendy parts of town to see look for innovative ideas. Some ideas people commonly overlook are designing an entertainment center, a phone and answering machine center, a second sink or dishwasher, a display space for fine silver or glass pieces, mood lighting, and natural light. There are many other possibilities to consider.

So, cast off your blinders, dream a little and go digging for some ideas! While you won't be able to afford them all, you might be surprised by how much is possible. Compile a list along with pictures, drawings, and samples of all the features and functions you want with your new kitchen.

The second aspect of kitchen design is layout. Some call it the battle of the inches (or centimeters if you prefer). Most courses and guides on kitchen design focus on this element. This is where you look at the various features of the kitchen and decide what should go where and how may inches every component should lie from every other related component. For years the key to the design was what they called the work triangle. This was the arrangement of the refrigerator, sink and stove. With the increasing use of microwaves, many now refer to the work diamond. The majority of kitchen cooking activities relate to sashaying bank and forth between these three or four fixtures.

But kitchens are not merely about cooking anymore, so make sure you get professional advice about how to best incorporate as many of the features you came up with in the idea-gathering phase. A fully functional and pleasing layout requires looking at a lot more than just the work diamond and how many inches should ideally lie between a refrigerator and a sink. One thing you'll inevitably discover is that you'll want to add space to your kitchen. Actually kitchens have been growing about 50 percent per decade since the fifties. Many people rule out enlarging the kitchen because they are concerned about costs. While costs are always an important consideration, you also need to look at lifestyle improvements and increased resale value.

If more radical changes like moving walls around, makes your family's day-to-day living easier or more pleasurable, shouldn't you at least consider it? Making an older kitchen into a modern kitchen costs more than simply sprucing up the older kitchen, but it is also much more likely to substantially increase resale value.

The final element in good design is essentially imaginative. Choosing the right colors, finishes, textures, etc. is important to creating spaces that people enjoy being in. Professionals also have a lot to offer on this front. Keep in mind that the fewer the numbers of years you plan live in the house, the more important it is for you to choose atheistic options that are popular.

If you're going to do something far out, you may find it undermines resale value, even if you absolutely love it.

Kitchen Cabinetry

There are literally hundreds of manufacturers and as many designs. You can invest in cheap cabinets, good quality cabinets or high-end cabinets. With low quality cabinets you’ll have problems and most likely you’ll need to replace them soon. With high-end cabinets you should have the cabinets forever because you’ve paid for it but in reality they may not last any longer then the good quality cabinets but may give you more options and styles. You can get great good quality kitchen cabinets for a reasonable investment that will last you for at least 50 years or more and you will fine them with many of the options and styles as the high-end cabinets offer like pullout shelving, ornate trims and many species of wood to choose from. Your professional kitchen remodeler can help you make some choices and keep you within your budget.

Counter tops

Now a day there are countless numbers of counter top fabricators and materials to make them out of. You can have a ceramic top with an array of inlays, a laminate top with a wide verity of style, colors and edgings, a vast verity of man made hard surface tops with many colors, designs and again edgings or a real stone like granite. In recent years granite has taken off as a super long lasting almost indestructible counter top material and that’s due to the verity that is available and the reduction in the fabrication cost making it more attainable to more people.

Sinks and Faucets

Again there are so many choices. There are three main choices, the hard surface sink, a stainless steel or a cast iron sink. The A hard surface sink can be intergraded into the counter top it’s self and the stainless steel and cast iron sinks both can be under mounted to the hard surface and the granite counter tops. It is important to look at the depth of the bowl; you will be disappointed in a shallow bowl sink. Also pick out the bowl configuration to meet your own personal needs

Illuminate Your Kitchen

People who rehabilitate their kitchens often breeze past one of the most important concerns-the lighting. It's a common oversight because lighting technology isn’t quite understood by homeowners. Homeowners mistakenly believe that they have to forego adequate lighting in their kitchen, in order to use it in a contemporary way. The truth is that with good design, common sense, and some of the latest lighting technology, your kitchen can remain the center of life in your house while providing plenty of light for your work.

There are three major types of lighting that you can layer to illuminate a kitchen. The first, ambient lighting is the general light in the room. Good ambient light allows you to work safely while illuminating the room. The second, task light, provides higher and more focused levels of light to a particular work area, keeping in mind the essence of getting the light to where you need it. Mostly found in closets, pantries, cabinets, or drawers, task lighting takes advantage of small light sources. The third, accent light, is even more focused and highlights objects or areas you want to show off, such as artwork, glassware, or special pottery.

In Conclusion

Don’t make your kitchen project a chore; enjoy visualizing your kitchen as it will be. There are many new products and ideas that can help you enhance the charm of your kitchen. Review all the possibilities with a professional kitchen remodeler. A knowledgeable remodeler or reputable home improvement contractor can help you refine your ideas. These professionals will be happy to help you discover how to provide the best ideas for the least amount of money. The investment you make in your kitchen can bring you many rewards and the best reward of all is the return on you investment if you decide to sell or re-montage your home.

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